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WELCOME – Who we are – What we do


Welcome to Schmidt TechDoc.

Our translation office for technical documentation has dealt with all aspects of power engineering for more than 23 years.


Our languages

are German, English and Spanish; with German and Spanish as native language. Translations can be made between all these languages.


Highest priority

is laid on the quality and accuracy of our translations. In partnership with you as our customer we will consider your requirements on the documentation to be prepared. The actual translations are effected on the basis of relevant standards and customary terminology; in addition, a customer-specific terminology database is created, which will be amended and maintain with every order placed on us. Further to the terminology database we use translation memory systems not only to improve the translation quality even more, but also to reduce costs for our customers. As a matter of course, we always check your originals as well, drawing your attention to possible inconsistencies, or we will makes suggestions for improvement. Editing work, as well as creation and maintenance of customer-related terminology within the scope of translations, is always included in the translation price.


Your benefit

is the content-related quality of the translations. Well-translated documents establish clarity in your international customer relations. Misunderstandings or possible later application mistakes can be avoided, minimizing your business risks.


We deliver

in time as agreed with you; short-term deliveries are normally not a problem at all – without losing sight of quality.


Our competence

cover the entire range of technical, organizational, sales and promotional documents, such as:

  • Technical brochures, catalogs, operating and installation instructions, manuals
  • Commercial documentation, e.g., offers, conditions, delivery contracts
  • Company-internal documentation, e.g., process descriptions, production documents, test reports, drawing texts, engineering and planning tools
  • Presentations, training documents, and many more.


Interpreter services in German and Spanish are possible on request.



You can rely on our quality and punctual delivery.

We stay in close contact with you, and we edit every single translation regarding language and content-related mistakes before delivery.


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